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Emmaus: Men and Women Retreat Program

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All men and women of our Parish are encouraged to make an Emmaus Retreat. These retreats provide an opportunity to take time away from the busyness of today’s world and to give yourself a gift of time to reflect on your spiritual life. During the Emmaus retreats men minister to men and women minister to one another based on the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35 with focus on our journey of faith.

What is the purpose of an Emmaus Retreat?

The purpose of Emmaus is to build parish community. Emmaus is not separate from the parish, it is part of the parish ministry. Emmaus has an ongoing Discipleship Program that keeps everyone connected. This time gives everyone the opportunity to come together as people of faith and love and continue ministering to each other. Our mission is to:

  • to inspire women and men to begin or renew their personal relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • to build a sisterhood and brotherhood and community among the Parish by women ministering to women and men ministering to men;
  • to use our love for the Lord and each other to serve the Church of the Resurrection and the Lakeland community.

What happens on the retreats?

You will hear talks given by different members of our parish, but no lectures or assignments. You will have an opportunity to pray and to get to know the other parishioners on the retreat.

Who should attend Emmaus retreats?

The Emmaus retreats are for all men and women over age 21 who wish to deepen their relationship with the Lord and develop a true fellowship with other men and women of the Parish.

Where and when are the retreats?

The retreats are held over a weekend and off campus. The location will vary.

How often are the retreats held?

Emmaus retreats are held once a year for men and women. English Emmaus is held in the Fall and Spanish in the Spring.

Can I attend the retreat yearly?

This retreat is made once per individual; however, Emmaus has an ongoing discipleship program that keeps us all focused. We hold monthly meetings for fellowship and several times during the year for spiritual events which are opportunities for sharing your time and talent in planning the activities and for participation.