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Faith Formation

A Message from our Parish Catechetical Leader, Maria Jimenez

Dear Families of Faith Formation,

It is with joy and hope that I invite you to come together through technology for Faith Formation!  This has certainly been a difficult and challenging time, filled with unknowns and worries.  But, it has also been a time of new opportunities – to pray in new ways, to spend more time with our families, to appreciate the safety and comfort that our homes offer.  We have been shown in all sorts of new ways that we are all united through and with God!  We miss seeing all you, but we feel connected to you through our parish Masses on YouTube, our communications via Facebook, our website, and our new Parish App (all links are on the homepage of our website), and now – we will be able to connect to you for your weekly Faith Formation classes!  We are so grateful for the dedication of our catechists who want nothing more than to continue helping you learn about God and grow in your faith!  You will be receiving an invitation via text or email from your class leader to join in Wednesday night classes through Zoom.  We will be starting classes Wednesday, April 1, so please keep an eye out for the invitation!  If any family does not have access to a computer, phone, or internet, please let us know! 

Resources are available to help the faithful remain in prayer and draw near to God during this holy season of Lent.  These resources are posted below and this list will be updated as we learn more from our parishes. 

May God bless all of you and keep you safe.  Don’t be afraid.  Jesus said, “I’m the way, and the truth, and the life…” John16:6

Hola, familias de la Formación de fe de la Iglesia de la Resurrección.

Con gran alegría y esperanza los invito a todos através de la tecnología para la formación de fe.  Es ciertamente un gran reto en este momento de dificultad que estamos pasando, lleno de preocupaciones e incertidumbres.  Pero también es tiempo de nuevas oportunidades.  Orar de muchas maneras, estar mas tiempo en familia, apreciar mas la seguridad y el placer de estar en nuestros hogares.  Hemos tenido muchos momentos de estar unidos con Dios.  Los extrañamos a todos pero nos sentimos cerca através de la celebración de la Eucaristía por medio de del Youtube, nuestras comunicaciones por Facebook, nuestra página del Website, y nuestra aplicación de la parroquia el link es www.RCCLakeland.org, ahora estamos tratando de conectarnos de forma virtual para las clases de Formación de Fe.  Estamos muy agradecidos por la dedicación de cada uno de los catequistas quienes desean continuar ayudando en la enseñanza sobre Dios y crecer en nuestra fe católica.  Ustedes van a recibir un mensaje de texto o email de su maestra lider para conectarse con el program de Zoom y asi tener la clase del miércoles a las 6:00pm.  Vamos a ser todo lo posible por comenzar este miércoles, por favor mantener sus ojos pendiente para la invitación! Si alguna familia no recibe ningun mensaje o no tiene acceso al internet, computadora, o teléfono, favor de dejarnos saber.  Gracias.

Ustedes están en mis oraciones diarias.  Que Dios les bendiga. 

Maria V. Jimenez
Parish Catechetical Leader




 Welcome to the Faith Formation home page,

Faith Formation is the new name for a famous parish program of the past.  You might know the name as “CCD” or “CYO” or even Religious Education or PREP.  No matter the name the goal is still the same: To educate children, youth and adults in the Faith of the Catholic Church.  Why all the name?  Well, all the names from history had a place in the day they were used.  For instance, CCD, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, was a program designed to help children who were Catholic yet unable to attend Catholic School whereas the CYO was a sports organization for all Catholic Youth.  Today we call the education of our youth and adults, Faith Formation because we are forming faith.  Faith Formation is also not just for kids anymore.  Faith Formation is for the whole family, we never graduate from learning about our faith!  Here at Church of the Resurrection we call our Faith Formation program LiFFe for Lifelong Faith Formation.  Check out our programs and find out where you fit into our parish Faith Formation Program.

Faith Formation (formerly Religious Education) is provided for children in grades pre-K through 12th grade. Also, adults are provided an opportunity to participate in a catechetical program that follows the mandates set forth in the National Directory for Catechesis. Our vision is to continue to provide programs for all ages and to follow the guidelines set forth by the NDC.”Like the diocese, every parish needs to develop a coherent catechetical plan that integrates the various components of the overall program and provides opportunity for all parishioners to hear the Gospel message, celebrate it in prayer and Liturgy, and live it in their daily lives” (NDC p 255 #60 A)

Besides opportunities for faith development, all of our Religious Education programs provide many Stewardship opportunities for Resurrection parishioners, as Catechists, classroom aides, facilitators, helpers, hall monitors, building coordinators and as financial sponsors. Call Maria at 863-646-3556 ext. 113 or email at [email protected] for questions or to volunteer your time and talent and to participate.


Liffe Nights
Wednesday, 6:00pm-7:25pm / Miércoles a las 6:00pm-7:25pm

Middle School and High School groups meet in the Hospitality Room               Adult Ed classes meet in the Middle School Classrooms      RCIA meets in the Conference Room             

Preschool gathers in the nursery               Grade K-5 & Sacramental Preparation Groups meet in the Elementary School

*This schedule is subject to change as Parish Events are Scheduled.

September 11:  Parent Orientation for PreK3 -5th grade in the Parish Hall
Orientation for Middle School and High School in the Banquet Hall
(Orientacion para los niños de Pre-k-3 a 5th grado el 11 de Sept/ MS & HS el 11 de sept.)

Classes meet on the following days:  (Dias de clases)
September 18, 25
October 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30
November 6, 13 & 20
December 411
January 8, 15, 22, 29
February 5, 12, 19
April 1, 8,15, 22, 29
May 6

May 13  - Catechist Appreciation Dinner 6-9pm (For our Catechists only).