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Confirmation is the completion of initiation into the Catholic Church. Baptism allows us to share in the divine nature of life. Confirmation strengthens that nature, and Eucharist sustains us with the food of eternal life!

To register for Confirmation Preparation, please visit the Parish Office Monday - Friday between 8 am - 4 pm to complete paperwork.

Or - you can register online today by clicking HERE!  

If you register online, please print and complete the following forms.  



We so look forward to this faith journey with you!

Please contact Layne Behncke with any questions! 
863-646-3556 or [email protected]

Confirmation Calendar

Classes are held on Sundays from 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm in the Campisi Banquet Hall.

October 27:  Class

November 17:  Class – Sponsor Form Due

December 8:  Class – Letter to Father Mark Due

January 26:  Class & Commitment Mass is at 5:00 pm

February 23:  Class – Saint Form Due

March 15:   Class – Father Mark interviews (all month)

April 26:  Online Confirmation Class

May 17:  Online Confirmation Class – Sponsor Eligibility Form Due

August 16:  Online Confirmation Class

August 30:  Last Class, Review & Confessions – Service Hours Due

September 3:   6:00 pm – Rehearsal & Practice in the Church

September 5:  4:00 pm – Confirmation Mass



Confirmation Sponsor

Due: November 17, 2019

Your sponsor is a huge part of this time in your life. Often teens want to pick someone so they feel special and know they are cared for, and that is great! Keep some things in mind…

Your sponsor should be:

YOUR pick and only one person, we do not get two sponsors.

A great Catholic influence. Someone who is attending Mass weekly, has an active prayer life, and has taught you about God.

Someone who will pray with you now and after you are Confirmed.

A person who can answer the tough questions you may have during this time.

Someone you can talk to on a deeper level, this person is the person you are picking as a spiritual guide!

Someone who is 16 or older.

This person does not have to be:

The person your family is maybe encouraging you to pick.

Your godparent.

A family member.

Please write the name of your sponsor, how you know them, why you think they will be a good guide for your faith life, and what they have already taught you about the Catholic faith. (No less than 5 sentences).

You can email this response to [email protected]


Letter to Father Mark

Due: December 8, 2019

In your Letter to Father Mark please include the following:

Why do you want to be Confirmed?

What does Confirmation mean to you?

What is your favorite thing you have learned so far during Confirmation?

Why did you pick your Sponsor and Saint (please include your Sponsor’s name and Saint’s name)?

This letter should be no less than 4 paragraphs, with 5 sentences in each paragraph.

Please type this letter.  You may email it to [email protected] or hand it in to Layne.


Saint Name

Due: February 23, 2020

Your Saint Name is sometimes referred to as your Confirmation Name. You can choose any Saint you would like, male or female. The idea is to pick someone that you look up to, have things in common with, and a Saint that you feel comfortable talking to. We choose a Saint knowing that they will be there along with us for the journey through Confirmation and beyond.  Though you are welcome to honor someone and use their name, the point of the Saint is that there is someone in heaven guiding you along and supporting you specifically. Even if you want to pick a specific first name, you will need to find a Saint with that name. We encourage you to take time and research the Saints before making a final decision. This is an important part of your Confirmation!

Please let us know your Saint’s full name (first and last), why you picked him or her, where he/she is from, when he/she lived, the Feast Day, a miracle performed by him/her, and how you think this Saint will help you along your journey. (No less than 5 sentences).

You can email this response to [email protected]


Confirmation Sponsor Eligibility Form

(Due May 17, 2020)

Name (first and last) of Teen: _______________________________________________________            

Name (first and last) of Teen’s Sponsor: _____________________________________________

Sponsor’s Home Parish and Address: _______________________________________________


Sponsor please read carefully and sign below as testimony that you fulfill the requirements to be a Sponsor for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

I am a registered member of the Catholic Church listed above. I participate in worship by attending Mass each Sunday and receive the other Sacraments regularly.

I have received the Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist as well as the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) when necessary.

(If married) I am in a valid marriage, i.e. one that was witnessed by a Catholic Priest, in a Catholic Church, unless dispensed from the Catholic form of marriage by a Diocesan Bishop.

I am a practicing Catholic and give witness to my Catholic Faith and my belief in Jesus Christ, by frequent reception of the Eucharist, and by my good example and loving response to others.

I am or will be at least 16 years old at the time of the Sacramental celebration at which I wish to serve as a sponsor.

I will give my support to the person I am sponsoring by my prayers and by the Christian example of my life.

I willingly practice Catholic Stewardship by offering my time, talent, and treasure in support of others, both through our parish community and in my daily life.

I am not a parent of the candidate whom I wish to sponsor for Confirmation.

I realize and accept the serious responsibility I assume before God and the Church in becoming a Sacramental Sponsor. I promise to support the faith life of this candidate by my prayers and by the example of my daily life.  By my signature I attest to the truth of these statements:

Signature of Sponsor____________________________________________


I attest that this individual is a registered parishioner and to the best of my knowledge is eligible to act as a Sponsor.                                                                  

Rev ____________________________________                                   Parish Seal here

                        Pastor’s Signature

Service Hours

Due: August 30, 2020

For Confirmation you are required to complete 20 Service Hours total. 10 of your hours should be completed within a Parish Ministry at Resurrection and 10 can be done anywhere that you can have a Head of Ministry or Staff Member to sign off (helping family or friends is great but does not count as service for this requirement.) You can use the paper provided by Resurrection or a school paper for recording hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is confirmation the end of religious education?
Confirmation is not a completion or graduation from religious instruction. Confirmation does not make one more Christian or Catholic; our Baptism makes us a Catholic Christian!

What is the age requirement?
The age of Confirmation is set up by each Bishop at his discretion and the local Pastor. We prepare those in High School or above for Confirmation at Resurrection Catholic Church.

I am a parent. What are my responsibilities?
Parents are the primary educators of their child in terms of faith and morals. We at Resurrection present to the youth how to be a disciple but it must be reinforced at home to take effect. As a parent you have the responsibility to help your child pray and worship. If you as a parent cannot support your child in these activities, you should allow your child to consider Confirmation as an adult when they can support themselves in faith development.

What if I am older than High School can I still seek Confirmation?
Confirmation is available for all Baptized Catholics, contact the Office of Faith Formation for more information.

When is Confirmation Celebrated?
The celebration of Confirmation is held by the Office of the Bishop, unless the Bishop gives the authority to the local Pastor. Regularly the Bishop is present for Confirmation in the late summer or early Fall of each year.