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Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers

The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is a CALLING from Jesus to serve his flock his body and most precious blood. We should exercise this commitment with humility, dignity and fidelity. Though we are not worthy, still we are chosen. Special training is required for all. Times and locations of Diocesan training sessions are announced in the Sunday Bulletin.

Please volunteer your time and talent. Your rewards will come from within – True joy and serenity.

Ministry Guidelines

  1. Individual must be 16 years old
  2. Must be referred to the Diocese of Orlando by our Pastor
  3. Must attend a Diocesan workshop
  4. Must be a baptized Catholic, have received the sacraments of holy communion and confirmation
  5. Must be a Catholic in good standing (state of grace)
  6. Must dress appropriately
    • Men’s options: dress suit with tie, long pants with dress shirt and tie, long pants with dress shirt and blazer, long pants with dress polo shirt and blazer
    • Women’s options: dress, knee-length skirt with blouse and jacket, knee-length skirt with blouse and sweater, pants suit
    • Not allowed: shorts, skirts above the knees, flip flops