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Covenant Marriage Ministry

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

-Genesis 2:24

Mission Statement:

To fortify the covenantal bond of marital relationships.


  1. Increase couples’ understanding of the covenantal bond of marriage.

  2. Increase couples’ awareness that every marriage can be improved.

  3. Assist couples in assessing areas of their marriage that need to be fortified.

  4. Provide techniques and tools for couples to use to fortify their marriages.

  5. Facilitate community building among couples in the parish.

The mission and objectives will be accomplished using a two-fold implementation:

1.   The  Covenant Experience

The Covenant Experience is an on campus weekend retreat that goes from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  Participants go home each evening to sleep. This minimizes the expense of the retreat and makes it easier to arrange for childcare.

Married couples of all ages and stages will benefit from this retreat. Couples experiencing problems will experience opportunities to overcome impasses in their relationship. Couples who believe their marriages are already “good,” will find opportunities to make them even better.

A workbook is provided to each couple. It is a tool to help couples identify areas for discussion and to facilitate discussion between the spouses both during and after the retreat. Most discussions are between spouses although there is opportunity for fellowship during meals and breaks.

There is a follow-up meeting one week after the retreat.

Fundraisers will be held to keep costs as low as possible. The cost of the retreat includes all supplies, workbooks, and meals for the weekend.

This retreat is intended to be a one-time experience.

2.   The Covenant Connection

The Covenant Connection is a group that will meet monthly to discuss a topic relevant to marriage and to provide fellowship with other married couples.

There is no fee for this group.

A couple does not have to attend the retreat in order to attend this group.

Questions?  Contact
Jackie Reycraft at 863-398-9877
Toni Godinez at 863-669-5360